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When a vehicle is stolen the first step should be to report the theft to the police. The police then notify DVLA of the theft.

Reporting the Theft

Make sure you have all the details about your vehicle to hand before you report the theft to the police. This includes:

  • Registration number
  • Vehicle make and model
  • Vehicle colour

You will be given a crime reference number which you should keep safe as you will need it for any insurance claim

Informing your Vehicle Insurers

Contact your insurers as soon as possible. If you don't get your vehicle back, and need to make a claim, then you must tell DVLA the date you received payment from the insurers, and the insuring company's name and address.

Vehicle Stolen with a Private Registration Number

Check the regulations for keeping your private registration number.

What To Do When Number Plates Are Stolen

In the UK, number plates can be stolen in order to be cloned or to cover up a crime committed by a driver.

It is very important to report stolen number plates to the DVLA as soon as possible. This can help decrease the likelihood of receiving fines and further negative repercussions as a result of having number plates stolen. But even this might not be enough to combat the issue.

If the authorities are unable to retrieve your number plate, you may need to replace your stolen number plate and get a new registration for your vehicle. You can order replacement plates online.

It is vital you do not drive a car with no number plates on it. You must replace them before you drive your vehicle as under no circumstance can you drive a car without registration plates in the UK. If you do you could face a fine of up to £1,000 .

Last updated: Thursday 19th March 2020

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