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Despite not being the easiest thing to steal, number plate theft persists. Anti theft number plates are designed to prevent fast removal.

The Reasons Number Plates get Stolen

A number plate displays the vehicle's unique signature - its registration number. The registration number is used to identify the vehicle. Criminals replace number plates on stolen cars to make the stolen car appear legitimate, or pass the car off as another car. That way when they commit an offence, the come back will go to the registered keeper and not the criminal.

The crimes someone might commit with a stolen number plate include: speeding, illegal parking, circumventing congestion charges, stealing petrol, avoiding fines and tickets and trying to disguise a stolen vehicle.

Theft Resistant Number Plates or Anti-Theft Number Plates

Anti-Theft number plates can reduce the number of car owners sent motoring related fines in which they were not involved. They can also help prevent vehicle cloning.

There are a few different ways to prevent number plates being stolen. Anti-theft screws and bolts can be purchased from the supplier of your number plate, and regular car and automotive stores like Halfords. While most people use sticky black plastic adhesive, anti-theft screws and anti-theft bolts are much more effective method of reducing the risk of having number plates stolen.

Contact your car dealer or number plate supplier for more information on anti-theft number plates.

Stolen Number Plates

Cases of stolen number plates should be reported to the police.

It is an offence to display the wrong vehicle registration - the maximum penalty is £1,000.

Last updated: Thursday 19th March 2020

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