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Do I Need a Number Plate For My Trailer?

Do I Need a Number Plate For My Trailer?

Short answer - Yes.

Car trailer number plates are required to adhere to DVLA regulations. However it is important that this trailer number plate matches the registration plate given to the vehicle that is towing the trailer.

How Do I Get a Number Plate For My Trailer?

To get trailer number plates made up you need to follow the procedure for ordering number plates for a vehicle. Visit a reputable seller like ReplaceMyPlates to order your set of trailer number plates.

You will need to provide proof of identification to buy trailer number plates i.e. Drivers License, a utility or council tax bill from the last 6 months, bank details as well as proof you own the number plate.

This can include a vehicle registration document (VS5)or certificate of entitlement (V750). Find more out here.

Last updated: Thursday 9th April 2020

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