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DVLA vehicle enquiries are a useful way to ensure you know the history of the vehicle you're buying. This section gives information on the various checks you can make to ensure the authenticity of a vehicle, along with help and advice on release of information from DVLA, what to do if your vehicle is stolen, vehicle cloning, and theft resistant number plates.

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Request information, vehicle enquiry, check service

Use the DVLA online vehicle enquiry service to find out information about a vehicle. The vehicle enquiry service can be accessed online, on the phone, or by post. Online Vehicle Enquiry Use...

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Use DVLA vehicle check services to check history

Both DVLA and private companies Vehicle Check Services allow you to find out whether or not a used vehicle has been stolen, written off or has outstanding finance. DVLA Vehicle Check...

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DVLA vehicle crime reduction schemes such as V5C

Vehicle crime expands to more than just vehicle theft and theft of items from inside vehicles. What's the best way to protect against less obvious vehicle crimes such as ringing or buying a...

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Vehicle cloning information, how to spot a clone

Vehicle owners usually realise their vehicle has been cloned once they start receiving fines or charges that they shouldn't be getting. Cloning, as the name suggests, is where the identity of a...

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What to do if your vehicle is stolen, refund of tax

When a vehicle is stolen the first step should be to report the theft to the police. The police then notify DVLA of the theft. Reporting the Theft Make sure you have all the details about your...

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Theft resistant number plates can protect from theft

Despite not being the easiest thing to steal, number plate theft persists. Anti theft number plates are designed to prevent fast removal. The Reasons Number Plates get Stolen A...

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How to secure, protect against theft from a vehicle

The first rule to remember is never to leave anything of any value in a car, as this makes it more attractive to criminals. Read on for more information on securing your vehicle and its contents from...

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How to request release of information from DVLA

The information that DVLA holds forms two separate databases - the Vehicle Register contains information about vehicles and keeper and licensing information. The Driver Register holds entitlement...

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