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Vehicle Identity Check

VIC (Vehicle Identity Check) is a scheme operated by DVLA to help prevent 'ringing'. Ringing is the criminal activity of passing off stolen cars as repaired accident damaged cars.

A database holds a record of vehicles with a 'VIC marker'. Whenever insurers write off a vehicle in a salvage category A, B, or C, the market is set against the vehicle's record. With this marker in place, DVLA can't issue a registration certificate (V5C) or a tax reminder.

The VIC marker can be removed when a car passes a VIC.

How to Check a Vehicle's Identity

VOSA is responsible for conducting the VIC. The VIC will confirm the car's identity and takes about 20 minutes to complete. The DVLA record of the car will be compared to the details of the actual vehicle being inspected.

When a vehicle passes the VIC, the V5C then issued will show the words 'substantially repaired and/or accident damaged; identity checked on dd/mm/ccyy'.

Check a VIC Marker

Make a vehicle enquiry with DVLA to see if a VIC marker is present. You will need to know the vehicle registration and make.

You can also telephone VOSA on 0300 123 9000.

Apply for a VIC

Complete a VIC1 application and submit it to VOSA with the correct fee. There are 56 VOSA locations which offer the VIC.

Upon approval of your application, VOSA will schedule an appointment for you.

VIC Prices

Test TypeNormal FeeOut of Hours Fee
Vehicle Identity Check£41.00£50.00

VIC Confirms Car's Identity

A VIC20 pass certificate will be given to you and DVLA receive electronic notification of the result.

You should then apply for a registration certificate V5C.

VIC Doesn't Confirm Car's Identity

You will be issued a VIC failure notice (VIC21). This document explains the reasons for the failure. The case will then either be passed on to the Police or DVLA. VOSA will inform you the outcome once the case has been assessed.

The car may still be issued a pass result if VOSA can later confirm its identity.

Appealing a VIC

If you want to appeal a VIC then submit your appeal to VOSA using a VIC17 form for a fee.

See DVLA's VIC information leaflet for more information.

Last updated: Friday 22nd July 2011

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