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Find Your Perfect 10 Number Plate!

December, 14 2009

DVLA Number Plate News

Our number plate customers' are in for a treat - this week we purchased some of the 3,700 new 10-series number plates sold by the DVLA, so be sure to check out the new 10 series number plates on our web site.

There really is something for everybody in this release! We bought some fantastic combinations – in fact, this was our most successful new release ever. Meanwhile, over at DVLA, sales of the new 10-series number plates reached £2million on the first day of sale!

For the Ladies

Girls' have plenty of options, with registrations such as ME10 DEY (Melody) and JU10 DTH (Judith); DO10 THY (Dorothy), FF10 NNA (Fiona), YV10 NNE (Yvonne); and Sue number plates, such as PO10 SUE and SO10 SUE.

Reg for Boys

Some for the boys are Max numbers such as ND10 MAX and PJ10 MAX; AA10 BAL (Iqbal), BR10 ANJ and BR10 ANR (Brian), AB10 MAR (Omar), GE10 RGE (George), OW10 WEN (Owen), and LL10 NEL (Lionel).

Number Plates for Males and Females

There are personalised registrations suitable for both boys and girls, such as BL10 NDE (Blonde), HE10 SAM, ME10 SAM, and OO10 SAM (Sam).

Surname Number Plates

And of course various number plates for surnames, such as DN10 BLE, EN10 BLE, and JN10 BLE (Noble).

Number Plates for Vehicle Brands

BMW car owners will be pleased with the numerous options for their coveted car, with new BMW-style number plates such as AV10 BMW, GS10 BMW and PW10 BMW becoming available for the first time.

Clio owners will like these tidy Renault Clio number plates: CL10 CAR, CL10 HOT and CL10 FAN.

The VW Polo gets a look in too, with registrations perfect for this hot hatchback: PO10 ACE, PO10 BOY, and PO10 CAR.

Fleet Combinations

There are also some interesting number plates for fleet vehicles, or vehicles used for business, such as GR10 CER (Grocer), UN10 CKD and UN10 CKS (perhaps for a Locksmith?), and BR10 KER (Broker).

PA10 OUT and SO10 OUT also have interesting connotations.

Just for Fun!

A fantastic pair of number plates for speed demons are VE10 CTY (looks like Velocity), and SM10 KED (Smoked).

And, my personal favourite (Transformers fans will love this one!) - AU10 BOT!

This small selection by no means does justice to the almost infinite possibilities for the new 10-series personalised registrations.

Why not try a 10-series number plate search on our web site to find your perfect registration? Or call us today on 01642 36 37 38 and let us help you find your perfect 10!

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