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Businesses Pushed to Make Monthly Driving Licence Checks

November, 14 2010


Companies have been warned that they may have to perform driving licence checks, on a monthly basis, for employees who drive as a part of their job.

The advice comes following changes made to the rules on revoking licences by the DVLA, and fleet management software company Jaama believes businesses could be given a rude awakening.

Employees have always been subjected to checks every six or 12-months if they have fewer than six points on their licence and slightly more frequently if they have more than six points.

Recent adjustments by the Home Office have resulted in checks every four weeks.

The DVLA contacted their partner organisation Jaama to explain the situation: “The DVLA will request that drivers surrender their licence for endorsement within 28 days of notification of court conviction. If drivers fail to do so, we will revoke their licence after the 28 days has expired.”

Jason Francis, managing director at Jaama revealed his opinion on the matter: “The change in the ‘concessionary period’ should encourage all companies to increase the frequency of their driving licence checks or face the reality that they may have staff driving with revoked licences and therefore not entitled to take to the road."

Mr Francis continued: “The likelihood is that with entitlement to drive now being withdrawn after just 28 days many more drivers are likely to find themselves without a valid driving licence.

“Driver licence checking should be a vital component of every company’s occupational road risk management policy. This change in DVLA procedures means that the only option to ensure compliance is to ensure driving licence checks are undertaken every four weeks.

“Our driver licence checking service means that not only is the administrative burden completely removed from customers, but they will have all information on drivers and their vehicles held in one central database, building a combined intelligent profile and highlighting exceptions."

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