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Crash Victim's Father Keeps Number Plate

November, 17 2010

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A father of a 6-year-old girl from Pretoria, South Africa, has kept the number plate from the BMW that left his daughter seriously injured.

The strange course of action was taken so that the driver at fault would not just walk away, following his crime.

Mr Garland had been a victim of a hit-and-run incident several years prior, with the driver fleeing the incident after knocking him from his motorbike.

“Nothing came of that investigation and the man simply disappeared into thin air. I wasn’t going to let this guy get away with it as well,” Mr Garland explained.

Danielle, his daughter, suffered deep wounds and a brain haemorrhage and is currently recovering from operations in a local intensive care unit, with her mother also recovering from a hip injury.

Following a church visit on Sunday, the family car was struck from the side after the BMW ignored a red light.

“Our car started rolling immediately,” Mr Garland revealed.

“When I looked at my wife, she was bewildered but conscious.

“My daughter was lying in the back of the car. There was blood running from her mouth and her head.”

He released his wife and daughter from their seat belts and pulled them from the car.

“I thought the car was going to catch alight at any moment.

“A passing ambulance stopped to help.”

The BMW driver at fault in the incident made attempts to apologise to Mr Garland.

“I told him to apologise to my daughter.

“I removed his number plate and put it in the ambulance along with my daughter, because I was afraid he would get away with it.

“I walked to the car along with the police and we all saw that the licence on his windscreen had already expired on July 31.

“On Tuesday, when I went to report the case, Sunday’s case number suddenly appeared.”

Officer Blemedie of Sunnyside police station revealed that a case of reckless driving has been under investigation since Sunday.

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