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Motorists Made to Consider Organ Donation

January, 10 2011

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A new government scheme will force motorists to consider organ donation after death in a bid to dramatically increase transplant numbers.

When applying for driving licences, motorists will need to answer a question relating to organ donation in the new scheme set up by the DVLA.

The changes to the driving license application procedure follow measures which allow patients who die in A&E to donate their organs.

The DVLA’s driving license application form is one of the most common ways for people to register their organ donation desires.

However, the current system allows people to completely avoid the question regarding organ donation.

Things are set to change from July, and one of the following options must be chosen: yes I would like to register on the NHS Organ Donor Register; I do not want to answer this question now; I am already registered on the NHS Organ Donor Register.

The changes are expected to make people think more about their answer, resulting in a greater number of registrations.

Approximately 27% of UK citizens are registered as organ donors, but 90% are in favour of organ donation.

Organ transplants reached a record high in 2010, with over 6,900 made.

“Surveys show that a large number of people in the UK are happy to donate their organs for transplantation but haven’t got around to registering,” explained Anne Milton, Public Health Minister.

“We hope that by prompting people into making a decision we can encourage more people to register.

"We also need people to think and talk about organ donation with their families so people know what family members want.

“Being an organ donor is a truly selfless act and is the ultimate gift anyone can give. I would like to see all those people who are happy to donate their organs to sign up.”

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