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Number Plate Technology Catches Unlicensed Drivers

December, 19 2010

Number Plate News

Australian police are mounting a large scale crackdown on unlicensed drivers this Christmas, armed with ground-breaking new number plate recognition technology.

Australian police are mounting a large scale crackdown on unlicensed drivers this Christmas, armed with ground-breaking new number plate recognition technology.

Victoria Police will implement Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology throughout the state during Operation AEGIS this Christmas.

The police force will use ten units in their operation, which will rapidly scan number plates to give immediate vehicle information.

Trials of the ANPR technology first took place in December 2007, with over a million number plates scanned and more than 13,000 illegal drivers stopped.

The ANPR devices are fitted into unmarked vans and linked to a number plate information database, with specially trained users on hand.

When an unauthorised driver is flashed up on the system, the operator contacts cooperating police vehicles with the information.

Analysis of road trauma data has revealed key areas of importance to police, and has largely dictated the positioning of the ANPR vehicles.

An estimated one million drivers are expected to be breathalysed in Victoria over the Christmas period, with Deputy Commissioner Ken Lay expecting a busy period for police.

"Over the next 24 days police will be across roads in every corner of the state. We will be breath-testing one million drivers for the Christmas period," he explained.

"Twenty four hours a day, every single day for the next 24 days, police will be working."

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