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Police in Untaxed Vehicle Crackdown

April, 3 2011

Number Plate News

Police in the Somerset town of Taunton gave untaxed motorists an unwelcome surprise during a crackdown on unlawful vehicles.

Those who had failed to tax their motors watched helplessly as trucks were brought in to tow them away.

A total of 11 vehicles were impounded following a day-long police operation involving officers from the DVLA and PCSOs.

Police also targeted seven people for other road offences such as driving without insurance, sending out a strong message to local motorists.

Steps were taken by the police force following complaints from residents regarding the upward trend in tax avoidance.

“This is a persistent community complaint and causes a huge amount of frustration among residents,” explained PCSO Zoe Brooks, organiser for the operation.

Sergeant Andy Murphy explained the process being undertaken by the force: “This is the fifth year of Operation Go Tax, specifically targeting vehicles across Taunton which aren’t taxed and are uninsured.

“Cars that aren’t taxed or insured are illegal and, although not in every case, we often find that they aren’t roadworthy either.

“We all have a duty to make sure our cars are safe, taxed and insured, otherwise the consequences can have a wide-reaching negative impact on individuals and the wider community.

“Both Avon and Somerset Police and our partner agencies are committed to listening to our communities and responding to their complaints and concerns, ensuring that Taunton remains a safe place to live and visit.”

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