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DVLA Threat of ALL Local Offices Closure

A new proposal was published today that recommends closure of all of the 39 local DVLA offices in the UK, in a bid to save government money.

The proposals will be subject to consultation today, with closures possibly starting by the end of 2013. Savings are estimated at £28m per year - however more than 1,200 DVLA staff jobs could be lost.

Customers will be directed towards using centralised online services, which Roads Minister Mike Penning believes would "make dealing with the DVLA easier".

The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) commented that the plans "make no economic sense".

A move to a completely online system seems to have been happening for some time, as DVLA have created online ways to access their services, such as vehicle excise (tax) renewal.

However the offices are important to number plate customers. DVLA local offices perform important administrative duties and deal with necessary paperwork in private registration transfers.

The human approach ensures that paperwork is properly checked, and that no errors creep in to paperwork applications. Presumably, this responsibility will now fall to the individual when they complete online applications within the proposed new system.

It remains to be seen how an online service will fulfil he role of DVLA local office staff. As a number plate dealer with 30 years in the business, it does feel like a big change to operations at DVLA, and we hope that things run smoothly in introducing the new system.

National Numbers continue to offer attentive and helpful administrative support concerning number plate transfers in the same way we always have.

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