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Blog Archive for January 2014

DVLA transfer costs, to be fair, have not changed for many years. However, with the recent closure of all local DVLA offices, perhaps the fees could change. We speculate that DVLA transfer costs could even be reduced as a consequence of reduced government costs. We shall see – stranger things have happened. Lets not speculate though, lets look to the facts.

By Peter Jepson

For the 30 odd years National Numbers has been operating there is always a handful of questions that just never change. In this case it is a big one, and one with many answers: How can I sell my private number plate? If you own a private number...

By Peter Jepson

To most people a private number plate might conjure up a few images. Some may think of it as a status symbol, others as a bit of showbiz jazz. To some it reminds them of the celebrity lifestyle while others think of it as a fashion statement. No...


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