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Motorshow Live 2004 NEC Birmingham

May, 12 2004

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In May 2004, the Sunday Times sponsored its first Motor Show Live exhibition at the NEC Birmingham. DVLA staff worked with colleagues from its sister agencies within the Driver, Vehicle and Operator (DVO) Group (DSA, VOSA and VCA) to promote current motoring initiatives and to provide a one-stop-service for visitors with motoring questions.

The motor show?s new format and summer dates were enthusiastically endorsed by those 461,000 visitors who attended during its 13 day run. The features and interactive elements of the show appealed to the traditional motor show fan and the broader family audience alike. The interactive features proved a hit with the event?s Live Action Arena attracting 110,000 visitors. Close to 90,000 thrilled on the 4x4 Experience and more than 12,000 show-goers took a Taster Test Drive. In addition, more than 6,000 teenagers aged between 14 and 17 years drove a car for the very first time in the BSM Driving School feature.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) Chief Executive, Christopher Macgowan said, ?The Sunday Times Motor Show Live was a new concept with new features, new dates and a new name. The live format, introduced for the first time this year, clearly proved a hit with visitors and took the event away from a traditional cars on carpets show. The move from October to May was also well received. The event will continue to evolve and we will be working with our members during the next few months to see how we can improve for the next show in 2006.?

This year?s star attraction at the DVO Groupstand was the ?Harry Potter? Ford Anglia used in the film ?Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?. The car attracted lots of interest particularly from older motoring enthusiasts, evoking memories of their youth and the good old days of motoring. ?They don?t make cars like that nowadays? was heard to be said by many passers-by.

DVLA used the car to promote the newcar tax rules on continuous registration and harmonised registration certificate (V5C) both introduced in January 2004. We also highlighted the importance of keeping accurate records to support law enforcement and to track down road tax evaders, owners of abandoned vehicles, and vehicles involved in safety recalls and in crime.

DVLA and DSA showed how they are working together to make it easier for newly qualified drivers to receive their new full driving licence following a test pass. Rather than the successful candidate having to post their pass certificate, existing licence, fee and other relevant documents to DVLA, licences will now be sent out automatically. This cuts down on time and unnecessary paperwork. Other initiatives promoted at the standwere DSA?s theory test and hazard perception test, VOSA?s tinted windows check and MOT regulations as well as VCA?s single vehicle approval process. Overall, the stand proved popular with the general public. It gave an insight into our work at DVLA and how we are working with other DVO Group agencies to helpmake life easier for our customers.

Article by Jane Morgan, taken from DVL Today - Issue 27 - Reproduced under Crown Copyright

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