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Blog Archive for July 2007

The Seattle Times’ Top 20 most read news stories has placed a story about a number plate as the fifth most read online article for 2005. Why all the fuss about a personalised number plate? Well, the registration mirrored the formula...

By Peter Jepson

Scottish number plate prefix SN has been hastily replaced with TN in Edinburgh because DVLA officials have deemed the prefix too "offensive". The DVLA has already released SN05 and SN06, so why the change of heart with 07? Well, the plates...

By Peter Jepson

Well, the bidding on the number plates CEO 1 and CEO 2 has finally closed. CEO 1 sold for a whopping £154,100.01. The bidding on CEO 2 ended on £10,000 (its reserve was not met). For those who are new to the story, we’ve...

By Peter Jepson

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