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Toyota FT-CH Appeals to 8-Bit Generation

January, 14 2010

Cars Number Plate News

The North American Motor Show in Detroit runs from January 16th to 24th this month. With more than 700 vehicles on display, and 700,000 people expected to attend, the show is North America's largest and most prestigious automotive showcase.

2009 was a tough year for the motor industry. The cars at the show reflect manufacturers' awareness of consumers' requirements for economy, environment, and longevity, whilst remaining fun and lively.

Toyota FT-CH concept car The Toyota FT-CH concept car, unveiled at this years show, is an interesting hybrid car that promises to be cheaper to run than the current Toyota Prius. If the car makes it to the production line, it may be released under the Prius moniker.

It is hoped that the FT-CH will appeal to younger car buyers. The car's designers were inspired by the "8-bit genre" which was popularised in the 1980's by the introduction of home games consoles which used 8-bit microprocessors. Since the 1980's, an 8-bit music and art scene has developed which is clear in the design of the car, which looks edgy, fun, and brightly coloured.

Style-conscious owners love matching number plates to stylise their cars, so something like 8 BYT would be a perfect dateless number plate investment; TT08 BYT is a great new-style plate that would suit the car well.

Cheap prefix plates include T80 BYT, T88 BYT, T800 BYT, and T888 BYT, all from £220!

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