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Car Prizes for DVLA and Public Sector Staff

March, 31 2010


The Honda Jazz is being offered as a prize for high work attendance The Times reported on Sunday that public sector employees are being motivated to turn up for work each day with lures of cars and cash incentives.

The incentives are part of a Government scheme which aims to reduce absenteeism thus saving £11 billion across the public sector. If employees turn up to work, they have more chance of winning prizes as part of the long-term scheme.

Those benefiting from the scheme include public sector workers, such as employees of the DVLA, fire-fighters, and postal workers; all of whom have already received some of the impressive prizes on offer.

Some of the more conventional prizes include cars like the brand-new Honda Jazz, and cash amounts of thousands of pounds. Nationwide, 37 postal workers have each won a Ford Focus.

The DVLA, however, seem to have taken a somewhat different approach. Their "In to Win" prize draw gives staff a day's extra holiday allowance. DVLA employees already receive annual leave and can take up to three "duvet days" a year. On these days, an employee is free to choose a particular day not to work, and is presumably allowed to spend the day as they choose (although I’ll go for the duvet option any day!)

The tactics appear to be working: according to the article, the Royal Mail has reported a fall in absence rates from 6.1% to 4.8% over three years. In areas of the UK, both the Royal Mail and fire-fighters have achieved 100% attendance levels since the introduction of the scheme.

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