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Furious Motorist Slams Automatic Number Plate Reading System

October, 3 2010

Number Plate News

A furious motorist has delivered a scathing attack on the automatic number plate reading (ANPR) system, labelling it ¬Ďatrocious¬í.

A furious motorist has delivered a scathing attack on the automatic number plate reading (ANPR) system, labelling it ‘atrocious’.

Adrian Merrick of Badsey, was forced to prove that his car was not parked in a car park in nearby Evesham to avoid paying a large fine.

According to Mr Merrick, 22, his car had only been in the car park for 15 minutes, but upon departing the car park, the ANPR camera failed to read his number plate as a lorry was obstructing its view.

The fine was raised by UKCPS, but has been challenged immediately by Mr Merrick.

“I have sent them a letter of appeal, but according to them it will take them 14 days to reply but they told me I cannot refuse to pay the initial fine of £60 while my appeal is considered,” he said.

“I sent them an MOT certificate with the time and date on it, together with a letter from my garage confirming what time my car was there.

“This is a real inconvenience. I have had to prove my vehicle was not at the car park because UKCPS told me their cameras are virtually never wrong. But the camera system is atrocious.”

There are many other reports of almost identical cases.

Jacoba Bonhof of Harvington was charged for overstaying her time limit at a car park, and had to provide CCTV footage to prove her car was elsewhere.

“What probably happened was that a delivery truck in the morning blocked the view of the exit camera. This could easily happen to more people so I would like to issue a warning,” Mrs Bonhof explained.

Office Manager at UKCPS, Peter Haswell, is fully aware that mistakes can occur and the system is far from faultless.

“All tickets are on hold while an appeal is being processed. We would never advise someone to pay up front. If there is an obstruction to the cameras on a particular day, this will be taken into account and tickets will be rescinded,” he revealed.

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