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'Spy' Lollipop Ladies to Expose Bad Drivers

September, 12 2010

Number Plate News

Lollipop ladies and men are taking part in a scheme to expose reckless drivers with the aid of hidden cameras.

Such schemes have already been tested in England and Scotland with success, and are now being introduced outside of schools in Wales.

Officials have already had to defend the scheme as an important way to protect both schoolchildren and traffic wardens, following criticisms that it's "sad and disappointing."

The plans set out for Flintshire will see several lollipop sticks modified to include a hidden camera with the wardens given specialised training.

Should any careless or dangerous take place in the presence of these lollipop sticks, the footage could be used as evidence in a prosecution.

The cameras are specially designed to start recording when the lollipop stick touches the ground. The traffic attendant should then point the camera (fixed and hidden within the lollipop) towards the offending vehicle's number plate.

The scheme has been granted approval for Wales after a string motorists refusing to stop and assaults on school crossing assistants; some being hospitalised after being run over.

Law stipulates that the lollipop sign should be treated in the same way as a red traffic light, and failure to stop could result in a 3 points on a driving license and up to £1000 fine.

Councillor Tony Sharps believes that the scheme is "a damn good idea" that such bad drivers are to be held accountable.

He continued:  “any disgruntled, impatient or bad-tempered drivers will be caught on film.

“I would have thought (the wardens) are acting in the interests of the safety of our children, which is a very good thing.

“If people were a little bit more well mannered and a bit more courteous to one another these sorts of things wouldn't be need.

"So whilst you've got this anti-social behaviour by these irresponsible motorists, unfortunately these new systems have to be put into place.”

"It is bye bye Mr Speed Camera and hello to the lollicam to look after our children."

However, Edmund King, president of the AA isn't so sure.

“It’s pretty sad and disappointing in this day and age that it’s even considered necessary that a lollipop person helping children cross the road should need to offer extra protection,” he revealed.

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