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CarLashes and Carstache, Car Personalisation Crazy!

September, 11 2010

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The latest car personalisation craze to sweep America will have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief!

Will Ladies Love CarLashes?

Yes, you can believe your eyes! CarLashes "eyelashes" for cars – and accompanying product, crystal eyeliner, represent perhaps the quirkiest automotive personalisation to date!

CarLashes eyelash personalisation used on cars Touted by their US manufacturer as the new automotive brand "created to allow cars to be personalised with a feminine touch", the personalisation costs about $25/£16. The creators claim it is simply fitted to the car using double-sided automotive trim tape, the same tape that is used to attach body trim.

The optional car "eyeliner" appears to be diamante-style beading that attaches across the rim of the headlight, as eyeliner would line the eye.

I don't know what to make of this funny personalisation! But it's obvious that this product certainly makes any car stand out! The thick curled black lashes are slightly over the top, but in a fun way. The cars do look kind of cute once they've been CarLashed.

I can't be the only person who thinks so, because about 1,500 people on Facebook 'Like' the product. So it seems there is plenty of interest in these girly accessories.

Check them out for yourself on the CarLashes web site, which takes International orders.

Carstashe for the Gents

Carstache moustache personalisation for vehicles Not to be outdone by the ladies, men can add oomph to their wheels with the Carstache; as the name suggests, a moustache for your car. Your car can look like the next Burt Reynolds with this masculine personalisation!

The web site says "it just feels good, it feels powerful, your car has been naked until now!"

The Carstache costs about $40/£26 and there are five different colours to choose from, Classic Black, Firestache Orange, Legendary Blond, So Hot Pink, and Wisdom Grey, so you can get just the manly look you want! The Carstache comes with three rubber coated attaching wires that allow strapping to the car grille.

Orders are taken directly from the Carstache web site, which also ships International orders.

There seems to be something of a craze on the web surrounding these products right now. Those who can't decide which they prefer can vote for their favourite on Lashes vs. Staches, a web site set up to allow a battle of the automotive sexes! In case you were wondering, Carstache is leading by more than a whisker!

I thought I had seen it all when it came to personalising cars, but this really is the pinnacle!

I still think number plates are the best personalisation a car can have. Personalised number plates have the benefit of being totally unique and can last longer than your vehicle! Check out our web site to find a personalised registration based on your name, a number, or any other word.

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