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Blog Archive for February 2014

There has been a spark of interest over these nifty little machines recently. As the use of number plate readers increase over the next few years there are going to be more questions from the public about that they do and what they are for, not...

19/02/2014 The above video shows an elderly motorist travelling at high speeds down the A11 in Cambridgeshire. The bedlam was seen and recorded by numerous stunned motorists as she blitzed down the...

By Peter Jepson

In my short time in the number plate industry I am constantly being asked what “styles” are available. Take this email I received from a customer recently: Obviously everyone wants to stand out and inject a little bit...


Buying? Selling? Transferring? Regardless of what you are doing, you probably need to know how to take the private plate off of your car. If you are new to the process do not worry because it is not nearly as complicated as you may think, you just need a little patience. To make it as simple as possible though, below is the handy National Numbers Guide

By Peter Jepson

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