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3 Other Ways To Sell Your Number Plates

March, 18 2015


One of the most frequent queries we get is a customer asking how to go about selling their number plate. In most cases it is pretty straight forward as National Numbers will advertise for you for free – in fact most of the number plates for sale on our website are put on with private individuals.

The problem is that advertising with National Numbers means entering in a competitive market. You would have to name a price and list it for sale, usually against hundreds of other similar registrations. This is not handy if you need to sell the number plate quickly – maybe you’re about to scrap the vehicle or the retention is about to run out?

National Numbers are here to help guide you in the sale of your number plate. There are a few ways to go about it and lots of useful tools to make the whole ordeal stress free.

number plates for sale

Method #1: Advertise Your Number Plates Everywhere

Customers who buy registrations on our website come to us, not the private seller. In doing so they are obviously playing slightly more to cover a commission for ourselves. Cutting out the middle man might make the difference, as the registration can then be bought for less.

Of course, it would mean you, and you alone, as the seller are responsible for the transfer and you do not get the protection or guidance as you would from National Numbers. You can easily consult DVLA for advice though. (See DVLA Guide)

Take advantage of the huge number of sales websites out there such as:

  1. eBay
  2. Gumtree
  3. Preloved
  4. Friday-Ad


There are likely many more as well. Online classifieds and auctions are hugely popular ways of selling goods these days.

The key is to advertise in as many places as possible to increase visibility. Just remember to take any listings down if you sell it somewhere else – the last thing you want is to have more than one person to buy it from you.

number plates for sale

Method #2: Contact Potential Buyers Directly

If you have a number plate that you know would be suitable for certain people – maybe it is suitable for a specific car, profession, or maybe even a celebrity – you can put some leg work into making sure they know it is for same.

Many customers aren’t looking for private number plates specifically because the market is too crowded. If the right plate presents itself they would likely be interested, and that is where you come in.

This does require some of your own research of course, but it has never been easier to make contact. We have sold plates to companies just be calling them, and celebrities just by messaging them on Twitter, you can do the same.

If your number plate refers to a specific car the internet can be a great tool. Various owners clubs have internet forums you can post on to make people aware of the number plate and hopefully spark some interest.

Auto Crowd Group is a great website that groups together all the owners clubs you can imagine into one website, allowing you to see the full shooting match. Use it to join the relevant car clubs and take it from there. You might even make some new friends along the way.

number plates for sale

Method #3: Check If Dealers Will Buy It from You

For a lot of people this is usually the first port of call. It is common when having a number plate valued that customers ask if we would be it from them, and unfortunately the answer is usually “No”.

It is not anything personal, but National Numbers and other dealers only tend to buy number plates that meet certain requirements. For example, we only tend to buy number plates that are rare, short, or dateless.

If you want a cash offer from dealers you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does my plate meet the requirements mentioned earlier?
  2. Is there nothing else similar on the market right now?
  3. Will I be willing to take a lot less than the market value?


If you answered “Yes” to all these you might be in with a chance.

National Numbers will only tend to make a direct purchase if we're unable to source any other similar registrations.

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