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Number Plate Light: FAQs

January, 4 2016





What is a number plate light?

The number plate light is a small fixture to the back of your vehicle that shines light onto the rear number plate. Due to the plate’s reflective properly it is illuminated by the light, allowing other vehicles to see it at a distance.

Is there a limit to the number of lights you can have?

There are no restrictions to the number of lights on the vehicle. The only requirement is that the rear number plate is sufficiently illuminated.

When do the lights need to be?

Lights must be in a position in which they sufficiently illuminate the rear number plate, as long as this is the case there are no further restrictions to where the driver fixes the individual lights.

The most popular choice of placement though would be directly above and/or below the number plate, and in the indent in which the number plate is usually positioned.

Do you need to be able to see the light?

No. As long as the light adequately illuminates the rear plate you do not need to see the actual fixing on the light. In fact the most popular light used is very low-key LED lights that go just above the number plate.

Is there a limit to how powerful the lights can be?

Currently there are no restrictions to the wattage used in the lights or the intensity of the lights. Naturally you don’t want to blind other drivers though and fog lights would of course be excessive! Small lights to light up the number plate are all that needed.

Can I use any colour light?

No. While there are lots of lights available you are only legally allowed to use white lights. This is so there is no chance of distortion when the plate is illuminated.

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