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Top 10 Number Plate Enthusiasts by Area

August, 25 2020 | James Russell

Ever wondered which areas of the UK were the biggest number plate searchers? Us too, so we've taken it upon ourselves to find that out, using our very own website search data from the past year.


Top 10 Number Plate Enthusiasts by Area

We figured that the top city would obviously be London, as it's the biggest and most densely populated area in the UK, so we opted to look at it on a more representative basis. This means working out the amount of searches from a specific area based on a set amount of vehicles for that area.

The basic maths we went with is how many searches per 100,000 vehicles were made, city-by-city.

Make sense? Good. Let's jump in.


10. Norwich

Home to The Canaries, Delia Smith and most importantly of all, Alan Partridge, Norwich is also home to the 10th highest number of registration plate searches in our league table of number plate enthusiasts for the past year.

With 2033 number plate searches for every 100,000 vehicles in the area, Norwich are up there with the most number plate-hungry folk in the UK, and ease on in to the top 10 to kickstart proceedings.

A-ha indeed!

9. Blackburn

Well, technically.

Blackburn come in at 9th simply because we couldn't decide on a way to differentiate between Norwich and Blackburn. This is important because they both have exactly the same amount of number plate searches per 100,000.

That magic number 2033 comes back again with Blackburn, but they managed to squeeze in at number 9 simply because the word Blackburn begins with a B, which is earlier in the alphabet than N for Norwich. Obviously.

Not exactly scientific but it's the best we could do, okay?!

8. London

Ask an American and in fact, most people from outside of the UK, and London is the only place in England. But we know better as they don't even break the top 5 of our number plate enthusiast leader board. Losers!

Only joking. About the loser thing, not the number plates, that bit's true.

Because for every 100,000 cars in England's capital city, there were only 2142 number plate searches made on our website. Not quite reaching the dizzying heights of Alan Partridge's Norwich brethren, but still a worthy inclusion in our top 10 leader board in at a respectable number 8.

7. Redditch

Redditch might seem like a random inclusion, and I can hear some people asking where the heck Redditch even is on the map (just beneath Birmingham, FYI).

Even though it is a relatively small place when comparing it to the mighty giants of London and Norwich, Redditch beats them both, and Blackburn, for most searches for number plates per 100,000 vehicles in an area.

It's actually a town so it's done very well on the number plate front to break the top 10, never mind beat London, but beat London they did! By the skin of their teeth, with a total of 2154 number plate searches per 100,000 vehicles.

Take that, London!


6. Liverpool

Champions of the Premier League and home to one of the more, erm, interesting accents in the country, and maybe even the world, Liverpool come in at number 6 in our highly scientific top 10 leader board for number plate searches.

2231 scousers searched for plates over the last year based on every 100,000 vehicles, meaning that they're in the bottom half of our league table, despite being actual champions of the beautiful game in this country.

Interestingly, LFC plates are also the most popular football plates people have searched for with National Numbers over the last year, probably due to the amazing season they've had at Anfield under Jurgen Klopp.

5. Bristol

Bristol sits in the South West of England and is famous for trip-hop, drum and bass and incredibly friendly folk, according to numerous studies of happiest places to live in the world.

But what you might not know about Bristol is that the inhabitants of this fine city also absolutely love a number plate!

Breaking into the top 5 in our top 10 list, Bristol have a whopping 2453 searches per every 100,000 cars in the city. Nice work, Bristolians!

4. Glasgow

The only Scottish city to make the list is, perhaps unsurprisingly, Glasgow.

With a denser population than most Scottish areas, and with more vehicles per person than anywhere in Scotland, including the capital Edinburgh, Glasgow comes in at number 4 on our top 10 number plate enthusiast list.

Glasgow boast 2551 searches for the year per 100,000 vehicles, just pipping Bristol by a mere 8 searches. Pretty close! But no cigar. If you're a dismayed Glaswegian, at least you are top of the Scottish leader board.

That counts, right?

3. Manchester

Known by many as the capital of the North and home to Kevin and Perry, a couple of pretty big football clubs and Coronation Street, Manchester is a fine place to visit, study or live in and is famous around the world for its music, architecture and night life.

But a little known additional fact that makes Manchester even greater is their love of number plates, which has been demonstrated in the stats we found at our very own website over the past year.

A top 3 finish isn't too bad these days for a Manchester club, and the city's inhabitants sit comfortably above Glasgow and the others below them in this list, with a total of 3463 searches for number plates per every 100,000 cars.

At least they beat Liverpool in something this year...

2. Nottingham

The Queen of the Midlands, aka Nottingham, is one of the nicest places to live in the country with a rich history to boot.

Home of the infamous Robin Hood, the people of Nottingham are up there with the most avid number plate enthusiasts in the country, according to our data.

A massive leap from 3463 in Manchester, Nottingham residents boast an impressive 4901 number plate searches for every 100,000 vehicles in the city. Not bad, Nottingham!


1. Newcastle

Home of the Magpies, questionable accents and plentiful brown ale, Newcastle is one of the most exciting cities in the country and is considered a top party destination for revellers across the UK.

Not only famous for their love of the beautiful game and a night on the town, or toon, Newcastle are also big fans of number plates, according to data gathered from the National Numbers website.

Topping the table of number plate searches per area, Newcastle come in with an enormous 5050 searches per 100,000 vehicles. This puts them comfortably in the lead ahead of every other city in the country.

So, there you have it! The top cities and towns for number plate searches in the UK.

Please note that all data was gathered from National Numbers search queries and aren't necessarily representative of the whole country.

Maybe you want to take your city up a place or two for next year's league table or maybe your city doesn't feature at all and you want to rectify that.

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