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24 Number Plates From the 24 Release

January, 2 2024 | James Russell

2024 is upon us, which means one thing? A new number plate release.


24 Number Plates From the 24 Release

The 24 series was unleashed recently in anticipation of the new year and the new cars that are coming. So, we’ve decided to put together a 24-strong list of 24 series registrations we have in stock for you to buy.

(A quick caveat before we begin, however, and a reminder that you can only put 24 series number plates on a car that’s to be registered on or after March 2024.)

From name private plates to funny plates, initial plates, and everything in between, let’s dive in with an absolute peach of a private reg.

  1. PE24 ACH

Fan of Mario princesses or fuzzy fruits? We’ve got the private reg for you. Ideal for fruit shop owners, Nintendo enthusiasts, or somebody who wants to add a bit of fun to their vehicle, you can buy PE24 ACH for £1,999 exclusively with National Numbers at the link below.

PE24 ACH number plate on peach coloured background with price

  1. JJ24 ACK

Jacks of all ages, shapes, and sizes can add their name to their vehicle in 2024. How? With this fantastic JACK-based number plate which is available with National Number for £2,499.

Buy yours at the link below.

  1. ST24 ARK

Winter is coming. Only joking, it’s been here ages.

Whether you’re a member of the Stark family, a Sean Bean fan (who isn’t?), or a watcher of Game of Thrones, this Stark private number plate is ideal for your brand-new vehicle. It’s also available exclusively with National Numbers for £1,999, so you won’t find it cheaper anywhere else.

  1. PR24 ATT

Has anyone got Chris Pratt’s number? And does anyone also know if he has a vehicle registered in the UK? If not, bag yourself this Pratt private plate with National Numbers for just £1,999.

  1. GR24 CEE

Amazing Grace, what a plate! This Grace number plate is available exclusively with National Numbers for £1,999 and you can buy it at the link below.

  1. RA24 CER

Are you a bit of a boy racer? Show it off with this brilliant racer private number plate for £1,999. To buy it and jazz up your racing car, click the link below.

  1. ST24 CKS

We’re not sure Stacks is a name, but it’s a pretty novel word you don’t generally find on vehicle registration plates. Buy this Stacks number plate below for £1,499, a price that nobody else can beat.

  1. ST24 CYS

Calling all Stacys, your perfect private number plate has arrived! Bag it for £3,499 exclusively with National Numbers at the link below.

  1. BE24 CON

The beacons of Minas Tirith! The Beacons are lit! Gondor calls for aid!

No other Lord of the Rings fans out there? Fine. You can still enjoy this brilliant beacon private plate for £1,499, exclusively available with National Numbers.

  1. LE24 DER

Show off your leadership skills with this brilliant leader private number plate. You won’t find it cheaper anywhere else, and you can lead the way for £1,499 at the link below.

  1. BR24 DYS

Brady is a popular surname in the UK, and now you can show off your heritage with this brilliant Brady private number plate. Available for £3,499 with National Numbers, find out more at the link below.

  1. NA24 EER

If you’re called Nazeer, you might find it difficult to find private registrations that suit you. Not anymore, because you can bag yourself this brilliant Nazeer number plate for £2,499 at the link below.

  1. KA24 ENS

Not even a Karen can complain about this private reg. Ideal for the Karen in your life, buy KA24 ENS for £2,499 with National Numbers.

  1. PR24 GUE

Prague is a beautiful city full of drunk Brits enjoying their stag do. Do you have fond memories of a trip to Prague? Maybe you’re from the city and want to show it off on your UK vehicle.

PR24 GUE number plate on Prague photo with price

Whatever your reason, you can buy PR24 GUE for £1,499 exclusively with National Numbers.

  1. BL24 KES

Another popular surname and first name number plate, BL24 KES brilliantly spells the word ‘Blakes’. It’s available with National Numbers for £3,499, a price that won’t be beaten by any other seller.

  1. CH24 LES

Are there any fans of the king who want to show it off with their private registration? Maybe you have the name Charles yourself and want everyone to know it. If this sounds about right, bag CH24 LES for £1,999 at the link below.

  1. WH24 LEY

Whaley is a popular surname in the UK, and WH24 LEY is the perfect Whaley number plate. Available to buy online today for £1,999, click the link below to find out more.

  1. GA24 ETH £2,999

Garys are apparently dying out, so what better way to immortalise the name than with a private number plate? Perfect for the Gareths and Garys around the country, you can buy yourself or a friend this Gareth number plate for £2,999 with National Numbers.

  1. ST24 FFY

If you own a staffy, you’ve probably dealt with dodgy looks if you’re walking your pooch out and about. A divisive breed but a loyal, loving one in the hands of the right owner, you can share your pride with this brilliant staffy number plate.

ST24 FFY number plate on Staffordshire Bull Terrier in a field photographic background with price

Available exclusively with National Numbers, you can buy ST24 FFY for £2,499 at the below link.

  1. HO24 NBY

Another brilliant surname number plate, H024 NBY clearly spells out the word Hornby. Available for £1,999 with National Numbers, you can represent your clan in style with this brilliant Hornby number plate.

  1. CH24 NCE

Take a chance on this unbeatable private number plate. Available for just £1,999, this is a steal considering how well it spells the word it’s going for. Buy your chance private registration today with National Numbers by clicking the link below.

  1. KE24 NES

Roy Keane would love this one, or maybe Robbie Keane, who seems like he’d be a bit more relaxed about this kind of thing. If you have a Keane in your life, or if you’re one yourself, you can buy KE24 NES for £1,999 below.

  1. BA24 NET

Whether you’re from Barnet, have a lovely head of hair, are a barber, or your surname is Barnet, you can bag this brilliant Barnet number plate for £1,499. Available exclusively with National Numbers, click the link below for more information.

  1. AG24 THA

Fans of detective novels? This Agatha number plate is the perfect dedication to Agatha Christie, one of Britain’s most famous writers. It’s also great if your name is Agatha, or if you know an Agatha buying a car in 2024, and you can buy AG24 THA for £2,999 with National Numbers at the link below.

Buy private registrations online with National Numbers

Still can’t find what you’re after? Or don’t have a new car lined up for 2024? Don’t panic. We’ve got over 73 million number plate combinations available with every release and number plate format catered for.

Browse our website to find your perfect private reg or call our sales team on 01642 363738 for guidance.

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