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Buy Number Plates For Christmas - A Guide

November, 23 2023 | James Russell

It can be difficult to come up with the perfect Christmas gift for the ones you love.


Buy Number Plates For Christmas - A Guide

Whether it’s a partner, child, parent, relative, or friend, Christmas shopping is rarely easy. Do you go for the personal touch and make something unique, Amazon it like the rest of the world, or boost your local high street and buy from independent stores?

Or do you blow all those options out of the water with a private registration as a Christmas gift?

In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of gifting a private number plate for Christmas, how to buy a personalised reg for Christmas, and tell you the very best place for all your number plate buying needs.

Why buy a number plate for Christmas?

Number plates are a fantastic, unique Christmas gift for pretty much anybody you know. Not only are they incredibly thoughtful, but you can personalise them in ways you know your loved ones will appreciate, which shows them just how much you think about them and what they mean to you.

Christmas gift graphic with number plates on it

A private reg is also a versatile gift and can encourage children or someone close to you to pass their driving test. With a set of personalised number plates waiting for them, it’s the perfect incentive and acts as a carrot for their lessons and driving progress.

With National Numbers, the process is incredibly simple when it comes to buying number plates as a Christmas gift. In fact, it’s so simple that we’ve detailed the process in six steps, which you can see below.

How to buy a private number plate – the process

  1. Find the perfect personalised plate.

Things to think about when considering a number plate as a gift include the recipient's name, their job, their hobbies, and their initials. They might also have people they’ve lost or care deeply about, which can give you private number plate inspiration.

Use our private number plate builder to find your perfect combination. You can also call our sales team for inspiration on 01642 363738.

  1. Decide how you’d like to pay for your private registration.

After selecting the reg you’d like to buy online, it’s time to pay.

We offer a range of payment methods for you to choose from when buying a private number plate as a gift. The most common forms of payment are debit and credit cards, but you can also pay by bank transfer or cheque if you’d prefer.

  1. Pick your physical number plates.

We only sell the rights to private registrations, but you’ll also need a physical pair of number plates for your vehicle, especially if it’s a gift.

Don’t worry, however, as you can pick them up during the buying process with National Numbers. You can also personalise them with different borders, flags, and fonts, and all of them are in line with DVLA standards.

For the physical number plates, we work with our parent company, Jepson & Co Ltd - the oldest number plate manufacturer in the UK with over 100 years of experience in the industry.

What’s more, physical registrations are delivered in an unbranded envelope so you can keep the surprise intact for somebody’s Christmas present.

  1. Transfer your registration.

A number plate transfer is the process of legally putting the number plate onto your vehicle. We can do this for you and it’s an option in our buying process.

  1. Receive your logbook.

Your new logbook featuring your new private number plate will be sent out from the DVLA, which is when you (or your loved ones) can put the new number plates on the vehicle.

If you’ve done the transfer process online, you’ll be able to put the new plates online instantly, which negates Christmas Royal Mail delays.

  1. Tell your insurance company.

Notify whoever insures your vehicle about your new registration and you’re good to go.

See, we told you that it was simple!

Buy private number plates with National Numbers.

Why choose National Numbers?

At National Numbers, we have over 40 years of experience as a number plate dealer. This makes us one of the oldest and most trusted in the UK. We also have vast experience in the private plate industry and can find you registrations that you’ll struggle to find yourself.

Throw in our healthy dose of passion for all things number plates, the fact that we have over 73 million number plate combinations available, and the fact that we have finance options on the majority of plates, and you’ve got your answer.

Buy private number plates online today

So, what are you waiting for? Christmas is almost upon us, so get your (ice) skates on and find the perfect private number plate for someone special in your life.

Search for a private reg online or call our expert, friendly sales team on 01642 363738.

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