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Blog Archive for November 2014

DVLA have auctioned off the number plate 25 O for £400k, going to the winning bidder, a Ferrari dealer in Berkshire. The plate has smashed previous records.

By Peter Jepson

Latest pictures shows how far drivers in the US will go to avoid being caught by ANPRs, even if the alternative only means a toll of 26 cents.

By Peter Jepson

If you are new to the number plate game you might not be aware of the DVLA’s personalised number plate auctions. These are the auctions where the DVLA sell off a selection of the vast number of registrations never been issued to the...

By Peter Jepson

A Swansea community at war with Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency workers could bring in a one-hour parking ban. Residents of Heol Pentrefelin have been offered the ban to combat DVLA staff parking in front of their homes. The ban would...

By Peter Jepson

The objective of the number plate review survey carriedout in June, 2014 was to gain feedback from the public and number plate suppliers on the current regulations. The Customer Experience and Research Unit have helpfully published an...

By Peter Jepson

A personalised number plate has been sold for £35m in a recent auction. Local sources refer to the registration as a "fancy number plate", reading simply 333355. It was one of 19 registration marks on offer in an auction announced by...

By Peter Jepson

The infamous Lotto Lag revealed he splashed the cash on luxury cars and personalised number plates. Lee Ryan, now 54, was a small time criminal when he won the £6.5million jackpot in 1995. Millions were spent on a fleet of cars;...

By Peter Jepson

These are the rarest classic cars in the country. They have been sought after for a long time by many, and fantasised about by even more. For a motor enthusiast these simply are the dream cars to own ... but time is running out! These cars came...

By Peter Jepson

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