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Possibly The Best Brexit Registration

February, 26 2020 | James Russell

National Numbers have been in the private registration game for almost 40 years. During that time, we’ve seen a huge number of memorable reg plates, and have millions of number plate combinations currently available for sale.


Possibly The Best Brexit Registration

Famous registrations have included Paul Daniels’ MAG 1C plate, Chris Eubank Jr’s EU13 ANK reg, Amy Childs’ WE11 JEL, Lord Alan Sugar’s AMS 1 or the legendary A 1 plate which is worth millions in today’s market.

From celebrities to factory workers and everybody in between, a private number plate is a very personal purchase and is always unique to the buyer. However, every once in a while, a plate can be both incredibly personal and also signify an iconic cultural moment.

This is one of those occasions.


Arguably the most important event in British politics since World War 2, Brexit has been dominating headlines for almost 4 years. It has divided opinion with passionate views on either side, and now in 2020, finally, the United Kingdom has officially started the process of leaving the European Union.

This brings with it a wealth of new opportunities for private plate purchases. We received a huge response to a range of EU20 registrations earlier in the year. These ’Euro Out’-related private plates received national interest, capturing the minds of the public on a country-wide level.

And now, we have come across what is likely to be the best Brexit plate on the market...


T1 XRB is available exclusively with National Numbers. Read backwards, (and therefore in wing and rear-view mirrors across the land), it reads the now-famous word ’Brexit’ as accurately as you will find it on a number plate.


This is a rare opportunity to purchase a piece of history and commemorate it on your vehicle. You can buy this Brexit plate with National Numbers which is possibly the ideal way to show your support for the cause. It is subtle whilst also being striking enough to make a brilliant addition to your vehicle.

It can even be held on certificate which you can also arrange through National Numbers.

If you are interested in purchasing this momentous number plate, give us a call on 01642 363738, ask for Marty, and we can discuss purchase options with you.

Alternatively, you can visit our dedicated T1 XRB page online here.

Possibly The Best Brexit Registration
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