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Number Plate Changes for 2021

December, 9 2020 | James Russell

As we head into 2021, there are lots of things to look forward to, like... A COVID vaccine, erm, maybe returning to normality?


Number Plate Changes for 2021

Nobody knows… which could potentially be the perfect summary of the year so far.

However, there is one light at the end of the dark, dark tunnel that has been 2020, and that is some new number plate legislation! Let’s take a look at some of the car registration changes that look set to take place from today (8th December) up until September of 2021.

These number plate changes look set to last for at least the next few years, so it’s some pretty important stuff.

Brexit and EU Flag Identifiers on Number Plates

Earlier in the year we wrote a Brexit blog about the changes that will come into effect as a result of Brexit. TLDR, there weren’t many.

However, this has changed today as the DVLA have announced that the EU flag/identifier you can select when purchasing a number plate, will no longer be used on all number plates manufactured on or after 1st January 2021.

This coincides with the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, which will happen on December 31st of this year, with the changes on EU flag identifiers being established as law so definitely coming into effect to welcome in 2021.

If you have a number plate with the EU flag already on it, don’t worry, as this rule only applies to number plates produced AFTER the 31st December.

EU Flags on Number Plates

Green Number Plates and Electric Vehicles

Are you an EV driver? Well, you can now show it off even more with the option of a green flash on your car registration plates.

These ‘green number plates’ were rolled out today (8th December), and provide a way of identifying cars that are electrically powered, distinguishing them from their petrol or diesel, fuel-powered counterparts.

More news on this as it comes in, but as it stands, regional flags can also be incorporated with the green flash on number plates that is set to appear on physical number plates for electric vehicles as of today.

BS145e Number Plates

As of September 2021, a new standard of number plates will be introduced, replacing BS145d that is currently in circulation.

This is a sturdier, more resilient material able to handle more damage, more bending, abrasion, impact, and thermal change, and will also show up clearer on ANPR cameras on UK roads.

This also means that the digits will change, and as a result, two tone number plates will not allowed when the new standard are introduced. Instead, solid black digits will be the only acceptable digits on physical number plates, again, to make it easier for ANPR cameras to pick them up and identify vehicles. 4D is fine, but again, they need to be comprised of solid black digits.

All plates will also have to show the suppliers business name and postcode in the bottom centre of the car registration plate, and the number plate manufacturer with BS145e in the bottom right corner.

Borders will remain unaffected.

Vintage Number Plates or Black and Silver Number Plates

And finally, from the start of 2021, the linking of the vintage plate definition to the rolling 40 year tax exemption is being withdrawn by the DVLA.

This means that ‘vintage’ and/or age related plates will only be allowed on pre-1980 vehicles from 1st January 2021, to go along with the other number plate updates to be rolled out to kickstart the year.

Summary of Number Plate Changes in 2021

And that’s about it for now! We will keep you posted as to changes as they are announced, but for now, the most important information would be as follows:

  • From January 1st, 2021, the EU flag identifier will NOT be permitted on UK number plates.
  • The Green number plate ‘flash’ will be rolled out from December 8th, 2020, for electric vehicles.
  • From September 21st, 2021, BS145e will be implemented and used as standard for UK number plates, as opposed to BS145d which is currently in use.
  • The rules on vintage number plates will change, and are only allowed on pre-1980 vehicles from January 1st, 2021.

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