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Banned DVLA Number Plates - 2021 Edition

October, 14 2021 | James Russell

We love it, you love it, the DVLA do not love it, yep, it's the updated list of banned UK number plates for 2021.


Banned DVLA Number Plates - 2021 Edition

We’ve covered it in a previous blog, but that was way back in 2020. A time that seems much longer ago considering the year we’ve had. Imagine, Squid Game wasn’t even released! Dark times.

Let’s explore the naughtiest, rudest, and downright most offensive number plates the DVLA have decided to ban this year, and why they have done so.

Why Do The DVLA Ban Number Plates


Well, for obvious reasons, to be honest. They don’t want anything offensive being legally allowed on the UK roads, for one, because the backlash wouldn’t be worth it. People love a backlash, especially these days, so it’s best to play it safe and simply ban certain words from ever being allowed to make it onto the front (and back) of vehicles around the country.

The First List of Banned DVLA Number Plates

Okay, enough chat, let’s get into it with the list of banned number plates for 2021. We can’t provide a full list because quite frankly, it’s enormous, but we’ve compiled some of the best of the best, or worst of the worst depending how you look at it, from this year.

Let’s start with the topical banned UK number plates, and tackle the virus head on with a list of banned 21 series number plates.

CO21 ONA, CO21 VD, COV 11D, COV 111D, AND CO21 RNA, are all a no-go, so, if you’re inexplicably a fan of the virus that’s ruining the lives of millions, you can’t advertise it on your number plate.

A few other more obvious examples of banned 21 series number plates includes: LE21 ZZA, MU21 DER, BA21 STD, and GB21 EDL. As well as a few more Brexit-related registrations like EU21 BAD, EU21 OFF, EU21 GON, AND EU21 SHT.

That last one shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, to be honest.

Banned 71 Number Plates

The 71 number plate series was released earlier this year, and you can find your perfect 71 series number plate with National Numbers.

But we’re not really here for the legit plates, we’re here for smut! So here’s a quick run-down of the 71 series number plates that were banned by the DVLA this year.

Banned DVLA Number Plates

Trying to make a political statement and show your hatred for our American brothers and sisters? Do it elsewhere! Because “AN71 USA” is straight-up blocked in this country by the DVLA. That goes for a couple of others, too, which are a bit more obvious. They’re EU71 BAD, which is quite a funny one to be fair, and TA71 BAN, which, well, isn’t as funny.

If weaponry is your game, or even kitchenware, you might be a bit out of luck this year, as KN71 VES is also banned by the DVLA, alongside more obvious examples such as FA71 BOY, FA71 NNY, **71 WAT, *B71 TCH, to name some of the most prominent examples. PE71 RVT is also banned, thankfully, alongside BO71 LOX and GU71 LTY, if you were interested.

Oh, and for the COVID enthusiasts or anti-vaxxers among us, you can’t have CO71 VD, or AN71 VAX, either.

More General Banned Registrations

And this lot aren’t necessarily specific to the year, but they’re banned as standard for reasons that will soon become clear as you scroll down the list.

Anything ending in ARS or DAM to kick things off won’t make the grade, and plates like JE55 US, 15 LAM, OS55 AMA, and BO18 CKS, BL18 JOB, and BU18 SHT, are an absolute no-go.

Any mention of SEX, ASS, or BNP, also are not legal or available, and other popular banned plates include:











And I think that’s just about enough for one day.

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