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Blog Archive for December 2015

buy private number plate, number plates must be bought from registered number plate suppliers approved by the DVLA such as national numbers

By Peter Jepson

number plate release schedule and when the number plates are released during which year

By Peter Jepson

Jepsons and Co supply quality acrylic number plates, these are attached via sticky pads, screws, tamper proof screws and number plate brackets

By Peter Jepson

How to check if your number plate is illegal and what to do

By Peter Jepson

private number plates and how they work, what are number plates, how do number plates work

By Peter Jepson

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a technology that reads and records number plates. ANPR has become very important in law enforcement, as well as with other agencies, so you should know exactly how it is used. How does...

By Peter Jepson

facts and laws from the DVLA around the legality of 3D Number plate characters

By Peter Jepson

pressed number plates, or metal number plates where the character is raised from the background, are legal depending on the age of the vehicle

By Peter Jepson

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